Making a plan for 2022

As you’ll have seen from my previous Blog post, 2021 was not the best year for me! I decided to take a break over Christmas and re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my next year, where I’d want to be and what my plan is for the coming period. I recommend doing this reflection to everyone, regardless of where you are in your career or state of mind.

How do you start?

This can be the most difficult thing! I recommend breaking it down into manageable bite size chunks. Look at the image that I’ve created below for some advice for what you can do to understand your goals and how you want to get there.

What’s the most important thing?

This is YOUR plan. Your goals. Your ideas. Make sure that whatever you write down is applicable to you, is achievable for you, makes sense for you.

If you’re not sure what you need or what you want, take a look at little steps and short term goals. What would you like to do in the next week/month? Where would you want to be?

What’s on your plans for this year? I’d love to hear where you priority is!

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