2021 round up

I always like to take time over the holiday period to reflect on the last year, my accomplishments, my learning points and looking at where i want to be in the next year.

Suffice to say, 2021 has not been the year that i was expecting (and i think many of us can relate to that!) But there have been some notable moments:

  • Presenting at the PMI PMXPO to 60,000 attendees. This was a real highlight of my career and enabled me to really share knowledge with a massive community
  • Completing some very challenging projects
  • Starting my coaching certification. I’ve really enjoyed learning a lot about myself, coaching and what i can bring to others professional career and lives

I think as i look at where I’d like to be next year, i want to be able to have solidified my journey through coaching and start coaching other professionals or female project managers.

Another thing, which has happened has been a burnout. I was trying to do everything and be everything to everyone and ultimately, the only one I failed was myself. Homeschooling during a pandemic and trying to look after 2 young children was incredibly difficult for me. Coupled in trying to do a full time job during that time, and I found myself working 16 hour days and being utterly exhausted. I tried to convince myself that it was fine/i just needed a holiday/I’m fine, when in reality, i was anything but. Having this blog to focus on has been a blessing and a curse as i struggled with the creativity, my own deadlines and trying to maintain a normal cadence with my other professional commitments. I remember during one of the lockdowns that we had, making a “homeschooling” pack for my team members who had young children in an attempt to make their lives easier. It was a big hit and i ended up preparing lots of different materials for them. Was it needed? No. Should I have done it? Perhaps not… But at that point in time, it was a great way to connect with my colleagues and team during a time when a lot of us were struggling the most.

I’ve perhaps battled on longer than I should have, and i didn’t take as much rest as i should have as i was so committed to trying to be the best Mum, Project Manager and friend that i could be. I have decided to take 2 weeks off and spend them with my children and enjoying the wonderful time of year!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and Holiday season and look forward to sharing more knowledge with you next year!

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