WiPM: Diversity and Inclusion

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Women in Project Management Summit that was being held virtually. This is one of my favourite conferences and the line up was truly inspiring this year!

The conference:

Women in Project Management is a conference that is organised by the team at PM Summit. They really take an interest in providing the best, unique and interesting agenda for Project Management Professionals and you definitely didnt need to be a woman to appreciate the topics involved. As this was a virtual conference, there was a virtual platform available where you could log in, chat and network with other attendees and watch all of the videos (they’re available after the conference to watch for 7days!).

My presentation:

This was a topic that I feel really passionate about: Diversity and Inclusion. I discussed the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, why it is important and how it has personally affected me in my career. My main aim for this presentation was to provide practical advice for other leaders and, especially women, for how they can ‘break the glass ceiling’ and develop themselves and their organisations to be more inclusive.

We all realise that things have changed. The way that we used to work in the early 2000’s is no longer acceptable, but there is still a rise in racism, homophobia and transphobic incidents.

During the presentation, I also shared my experience of working for a large multi-national and what they’re doing to bridge the gap within the workplace. I also wanted to bring to everyone’s attention how easy it is to have unconscious bias and what we can do to address our own bias that exists.

During the session, I spent time answering questions and engaging in an active dialogue with the participants on the subject. It was really important for me to see others experiences and what others feel.

The responses of the other attendees and their experiences really confirmed to me how important this topic is right now and why it is so invaluable to share this knowledge with the wider project management community.

The rest of the conference:

There were a few really key sessions for me but the overwhelming theme of the conference was about how we can continue our own journey of professional development and the tools that we need to be a success.

There was a thriving networking session over the breaks and I really liked how “personal” the conference felt (even though it was virtual!).


I am extremely grateful to the organisers for giving me the opportunity to attend and present but I’d also like to thank the other attendees who made the event such a great success!

What’s your experience of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace? Are you aware of your unconscious bias? What is most important for you in raising the bar of equality?

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