What’s within your control?

During a recent coaching session, we were talking about an event that they are currently going through and how this is affecting their life/ current mental health. This was not just simply about stress but their ability to control a situation that was out of their hands. As we were talking, this image came into my mind and we discussed it and then discussed their own circle of things that was within their control and what was outside of their control. It was an enlightening activity to see.

Being able to understand and accept that things may be out of your control, is the first step to reducing the amount of stress that you feel in this area.

In the example that we were discussing in the session, it was also broaching on other topics such as Leadership, Workplace Bullying and Ethics (all of which, I’ll be blogging about in the coming weeks). Being able to identify not only the feelings but also what you are able to change is the first step in identifying how you can react and move forward from an event.

Activity: If you are struggling with a specific incident, look at what it really is, whether or not you’re able to control any aspect of the situation that you’re facing and how you are going to react moving forward from this point on.

I’ve used this image several times to explain the different responses and how we can make an active choice for how we can manage our own stress levels and respond to events that come up in our lives. If you are also struggling, try to make your own ‘in/out control’ circle and move forward from there.

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