Developer Weekly Podcast

In July 2020, I wrote a blog called: An open letter to Software Developers. It was based on this post, that I was invited onto the Developer Weekly Podcast and I could hardly say no as it’s my husbands podcast! You can listen to the episode here:

I went to his office for the morning and we spent time going through all of the things that Software Developers want to know about Projects and demystifying project management for technical professionals. One of the key topics for me is being able to share knowledge with the technical community to enable them to understand Project Management but also why Project Managers sometimes behave in ways that might seem as strange!

Here are some of the key themes that we touched upon:

  • Explaining Project Management
  • Lessons Learned in Projects
  • Supporting team members in projects
  • When projects fail

I’d love to know what you think of the episode! Do you think it made sense to software professionals? Please subscribe to Developer Weekly for great content and knowledge!

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