Tip Of The Day: A summary

Every day in September, I’ve published a daily Project Management tip of the day on Twitter. Here’s a summary of all of them. Did you find them useful? Please let me know below.

  • Before rushing into a solution, take some time to think about the problem that you’re trying to solve.
  • It’s the weekend; keep it sacred! No project-related work today and instead focus on what you’ll do great next week!
  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish tomorrow, today. I never start my day without knowing what I want to do in the first.
  • Tell a team member what they’ve done well today. Show them that you notice their hard work!
  • Analyse the stakeholders in your projects – are they still relevant?
  • Get together with your team today and spend at least 5 minutes not talking about work
  • Know your limitations as a PM & use it to your advantage to either personally develop or to know where you need support.
  • Don’t get bogged down in the details & try to keep that high-level overview that you’ll need for reporting to your key stakeholders
  • Know your tools! Make sure that you’re clued up on the tools that you’re using &any shortcuts/hacks that could make your life easier
  • Invest in yourself! Have you been making sure that you’re keeping up to date and relevant on the latest PM topics?
  • If you can do the task in under 5 minutes, do it straight away! It’ll take you longer to note it down and remember what it’s about if you leave it
  • What makes your stakeholders tick? Do you know what they need and what they expect?
  • Do you know what you need to do to get the best from your team? Spend today trying to learn what you can do
  • Expectation management is key in the success of any project. Are you doing that with every communication?
  • Would you benefit from a mentor? If you’re a PMI chapter member; contact your chapter to see if they offer a mentoring program
  • Are you giving your team the respect they deserve? Check yourself and your behaviour and see the difference!
  • When was the last time you did a Risk analysis? Do you reassess it regularly and update it? Spend today checking that out!
  • Look at your priorities. Are you focusing on the sand or the pebbles? (http://tiny.cc/0kvdny)
  • Streamline your communications. Are you wasting time in meetings when you could be better getting the work done? Keep your meeting to a maximum of 30 minutes or implement standing meetings to keep things flowing
  • Do a health check on your project to see if you’re still on track with your agreed goals
  • Switch things up! Are you sitting with your team? If you’re not, move into their room and spend the day working there
  • Be more effective & efficient! Look at what needs to be done & where the value lies. Re-evaluate if it’s not adding value to your project
  • When was your last had a teambuilding event? They don’t have to be expensive to be effective! Haven’t had one recently? Get on it!
  • Don’t skip steps! Implement and conduct your stage gates to verify your project status
  • Look at your presentations & communications. Could the information that you’re delivering be presented better? Are you getting your message across?
  • Look at some quick wins in your project. What are the low hanging fruit that you can achieve?
  • What are you doing to make your working life easier? Are you using tools like: LastPass / OneNote? What other productivity tools do you use?
  • Are you being SMART with your documentation/ communications. Check today that you’re not being too ambiguous with what you’re delivering
  • Do you trust your team? If not, why not? Trust in a project is needed to ensure project success
  • Look at what your team values to know the best way to motivate them.


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