Are you a T.W.A.T?

Hi everyone! It’s the start of the new year and I wanted to discuss the role of being a hybrid worker and what this looks like for many people returning to work after the new year.

The Times recently released an article about a really popular way of working. It’s working from home: Monday and Friday and working from the office on Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday.

I have been working with different individual’s and we’ve been experimenting with different working patterns. We have a lot of different requirements and it can be based on the individual or alternatively what’s needed for the client or company. With some of our working parents, they prefer to have Monday/Wednesday/Friday at home and do client based activities on Tuesday/Friday.

Many organisations have admitted that they are expecting a full hybrid workforce to continue this year. With people that I’ve spoken to about how they are planning to work there’s been a real mix of answers:

  • Working hybrid with 1-2 days a week in the office
  • Fully remote
  • Would like to be more in the office but their organisation has sold off/reduced working space and there’s not enough space in the office for them
  • Continuing as previously full time in the office

What does this look like?

Most recently, I was in the office on Friday and there were absolutely deserted. Through the course of the day there were precisely 3 people in the entire office.

When I’ve asked teams and clients how they’d like to work, it’s clear that although they are aware of the need for in person interaction, they savour and need their home office.

How can we continue to collaborate?

I think that clear rules are necessary for how we can continue to work effectively. This could include weekly or monthly onsite time or alternatively having some key days in the calendar for being at home or planning those communication points into the calendar.

I think being a T.W.A.T offers a great opportunity for those individuals who need an onsite presence whilst allowing the home working. W

What do you think will happen? Are you a happy T.W.A.T?

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