Soft Skills

Soft Skills are one of the most underrated parts of leadership but it can be one of the most important things that you have in your leadership “toolbox”. When I am coaching leaders and other Project Managers, I first ask them to assess their own abilities with soft skills and identify their weaknesses so that we are able to work on them and improve. Having good, effective soft skills can really be a game changer in your ability to lead projects and effective teams.

What are soft skills?

A Soft Skill is a personal attribute / skill that relates to how you work and your ability to fit in within a working environment. Soft skills can be natural skills which you may learn as a child/ from your interactions within the workplace as almost every job will require some sort of interaction.

Soft skills appear in many different forms:

Teamwork skills. Picture from my Pluralsight course

For me, my strongest soft skill is communication, team work and listening. Have a think about what your soft skills are? What do you naturally enjoy doing? what makes you excited or happy to work?

What can you do to improve your soft skills?


Soft skills training

Formal Learning/ Books:

Why are they so important?

Soft skills are really important if you are working or interacting with clients/ customers or colleagues. One reason why Soft Skills are so important is because they are transferable across roles and teams. If someone is good at negotiating in one team, they should be able to use that skill in whatever environment you put them in.

Moreover, Soft skills can really be vital for leaders in being able to work with and manage their teams effectively. One thing that I really enjoy about soft skills is seeing and learning more about others and what their strengths are. Within a team, I like to have a group with a wide variation of soft skills as I know that this will put us in the right direction towards success.

If you need help your teamwork skills, please check out my Pluralsight course: Developing Teamwork skills to learn more. Don’t have a Pluralsight subscription? Then message me for a free trial where you’re able to view not only mine but all of the Pluralsight library for free for 30days.

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