Business Dress

Before covid, I had a lot of suits and formal business wear. But since covid, business wear has changed. I have recently done a complete decluttering of my entire wardrobe (I’ve been channelling my inner KonMari) and have donated 3 boxes of business clothes to a charity for women in less privileged situations.

Clearing out my wardrobe

Whilst doing this exercise, it really made me analyse not only what I am wearing during client meetings but also how this has changed. Previously, I would always be in full business attire (smart dress, jacket, suit) and this was my standard wear for every day at the office. Since working remotely, I have become more relaxed and will regularly wear t-shirts as opposed to shirts. What this means is that I have the opportunity to declutter a lot of my wardrobe but it also means that I can show a little of my personality in the clothing that I wear. Yes, I have switched out my plain shirts for dinosaur prints, or changed skirts for shorts.

When I’ve asked friends or colleagues how their clothing has changed, they have said similar and it’s been for the better. Even when returning to the office, there is still a level of informality in the clothing and dress.

As many people return to the office and we return to visiting clients, I am definitely keeping some of the changes that I’ve made to my wardrobe. I will still be wearing my dinosaur shirts, but will definitely be wearing shoes a lot more often!

I had the pleasure of being in London a few days ago and was really surprised how many suits that I still saw in the tube or in public transport. When I asked a few London based colleagues they said that when it comes to going into the office, they are definitely wearing suits/professional clothes again but in less frequency than before. They may switch it out for jeans if they’re not client facing or using polo shirts instead.

Have you noticed that clothing has changed since you’ve been returning to the workplace? Or are you keeping your t-shirts and yoga pants? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you think.

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