Nike: Mental Health closure

There’s been a lot of publicity in the news about Nike closing their business for one week ahead of their plan to bring their staff back to the offices. I’ve seen a lot on Social Media reacting to this post and praising Nike’s proactive attitude and support of their workers, especially in the US where there is a reduced vacation allowance in comparison to other countries (e.g. Europe).

When I have spoken to people that I have coached, they have all reported that despite having a short break over summer, they are still struggling with the return to working in the office.

Returning to the office.

I wrote a blog in July about returning to the office and now that many companies are forcing employees to return, it can be quite intimidating to return to public transport. BBC News indicated today that public transport has now returned to pre-pandemic levels which is a clear indication that after the summer break, many companies are requesting a return to the office.

I was talking to a colleague today about the “optimal vacation time” and we were discussing whether it’s needed to have two or three weeks of vacation to be completely refreshed. The consensus was it should be within 2-3 weeks and anything less was two was OK but not really beneficial for longer term relaxation and destressing.

Why is a break important?

I really respect Nike in addressing the issue of mental health but also encouraging them to take a break and spend time with their families. The feedback that I received on Twitter and also from within the Nike organisation showed that the break was really welcomed and showed the commitment from Management that a break was needed for the benefit of the team and their productivity.


I think the commitment from Nike to it’s employees but also as a strong message to it’s competitors and prospective employees: this is a company that cares and goes above and beyond.

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