Learning more about Teamwork Skills

I have recently published my first course on Pluralsight for developing your Teamwork skills and since then, I’ve had a lot of questions that I wanted to address via a blog post. I’ve been astounded with just how many people have viewed the course but also the feedback and comments that I’ve been receiving.

Why is it important to have good teamwork skills?

It’s essential to have good teamwork skills as a leader. These are one of the foundation soft skills that you will need to have an effective team working together. If you can build a strong team, this can really help with your ability to deliver complex deliverables.

How can I overcome the culture divide?

Culture is really one of the biggest issues that I see when I coach Leaders. It’s not just about knowing where your team are from, but understanding how this can impact their preferences and how they like to work. I find that if I can understand someone’s culture, i’m better placed to understand the best way to motivate them. This means: Do they prefer close observation? or self determination? How do they like to work? In a team? As an individual? What’s the best way to praise them?

In the course, I gave you tips and ideas for what you can do on a practical level to build your teamwork skills and enable a greater collaboration between your team members and you as a leader.

What Teamwork skill is the MOST important?

This is a really hard question to answer! I think that it depends on your personal situation, your own skillset and what works best for you and your teams. I believe that proactive communication is vital towards success. I would definitely analyse what your strengths and weaknesses are and then work on your weaknesses as much as possible. During the course, I mention my weakness with problem solving and how I managed to overcome this, but if you struggle with communication or time management, then this is something that I recommend focusing on.


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