Techorama – Lessons learned from managing teams during a pandemic

This week, I’m speaking at Techorama. THE Premier conference for all technologists in the Benelux region. The conference had 10+ tracks covering content for Developers, IT Pros and Data Professionals. I was really hoping that we could have done this conference live as it is so close to my home but speaking from my home office is the next best thing!

The conference had a really cool platform and had a vendor area with pre-prepared videos. I also liked the idea of being assigned someone randomly to have coffee with

The topic of today’s presentation was brand new and it was the first time that I had presented this to a wider audience. I wanted to combine all of the knowledge that I have gained over the last year to share with the wider community and help them to understand how they can improve their own skills.

In a recent round table that I facilitated, we were talking about the biggest stressors that we’ve had in the past year and despite the group being extremely varied in role, hierarchy, gender and personal situation, everyone came with very common themes and despite us coming from very different lives, it helped us feel united that we really are going through this together (albeit apart!).

During this session, I wanted to focus on on the core elements of: What went well, what should we stop doing and what can be done differently. I based all of this on my own experience but also the knowledge that I have gained from mentoring sessions and from friends.

Topics covered:

Here are some of the topics covered during the post:

  • How life can sometimes feel like groundhog day… the blurring boundaries that exist and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation
  • How team dynamics have changed, what this looks like and why it’s important to change your own leadership style
  • Why innovation in teams and manageemnt remains so important
  • The importance of training and development


I really love taking part in Q&A and have received lots of questions during the session and also afterwards. The main topics covered include:

  • How to motivate teams with a variety of different personalities (introvert/extrovert)
  • The carrot vs. stick
  • The importance of culture.l

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