PMSummit: Online Conference

Today was a great online conference delivered by the team at PM Summit. I was presenting my topic about being a Chameleon Leader but I was also given access to the rest of the days presentation to be able to see and learn more about various Project Management and leadership topics.

Before this conference started, one of the things that the Organiser promoted was that they were giving away a limited number of free tickets for those that had lost their job in 2020 to be able to enable them to join the conference to network, learn and share their knowledge.

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I felt this was not only a fabulous way to “Pay it Forward” but also show their compassion and ethos behind this conference itself.

The topics of the day were as varied as the attendees themselves. The Organisers have created a great platform where you can easily message other attendees, see all of the tracks easily and have a really easy to use chat function within the presentation itself which helped you interact and see some of the other attendees.

One of the strongest and most valuable presentations for me was Barry Curry presenting about his experience working in the Regulatory Industry. It was so well thought out and very valuable.

I decided to follow the following sessions:

  • Keynote with Stephen Carver
  • One size fits small
  • Managing change through a pandemic
  • Planning to avoid a crisis: Combine agility and Foresight
  • Rewriting the Project Management Rule Book in a Regulatory Industry
  • How to be a chameleon in projects: Effective project leadership (my topic!)
  • Keynote speech with Keith Barry
  • PM Summit Close out
Presenting on PMSummit.

I really liked the overview of the conference. If you still want to attend this conference, all of the presentations will be available until 31st. January 2021. Please consider supporting this conference if you want to learn more and access some great content

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