Teambuilding virtually

Earlier this year, I published a blog on the topic of teambuilding events. Over the past few webinars and presentations that I’ve given, the topic of teambuilding virtually has come up and I wanted to provide a concise list of ideas that might help and inspire you with your own teambuilding activities.

Why bother?

As you are probably aware by now, working and collaborating virtually is dramatically different to being onsite together. You use a different set of skills and engaging with your team can be significantly harder.

Virtual teambuilding ideas

After trying out a few of these myself, I decided to ask friends and peers what they loved/hated doing in the past few months.

  • A virtual team lunch where you can discuss /chat about non work things
  • An origami session where one team member teaches how to fold a specific animal/shape
  • Champagne testing session. Every team member received 3 small bottles by post and they tested each bottle on a Friday afternoon
  • Craft session: this was not just about drawing but creating something “seasonal” that they could use in their home. One team member showed the others how to make their national dish and another gave a demonstration on bread making.
  • Team quizzes: there are a lot of different softwares out there which might work for you. I’ve found OpinionStage very good for general knowledge topics.
  • Trivia: I regularly use Icebreakers when I’m starting with a team or wanting to get to know them. You can really get some fun answers
  • Pictionary: I’ve been recommended skribbl for playing online
  • Online coffee: give each team member 15mins of your time to catch up on everything that’s not work.
  • A multi player online game: everyone can spend an hour /or an evening playing an online game together. This was also the team that used to hold regular board game nights at work.
  • Secret Santa / anonymous gift giving. This is perfect for getting a small gift for your team.
  • Trivia quiz: a perfect opportunity for a Friday afternoon event. You can hold a trivia event on different subjects and see who wins.


Teambuilding virtually doesn’t need to cost any money, but with a bit of effort, creativity and ingenuity, it can give you and your team members a lot of benefit.

I’d love to know what events you’ve tried and what’s worked for you.

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