What I’m reading this month: January 2020

I’m often asked what am I reading/studying this month and I wanted to spend some time in this blog post discussing what I am reading and what has grabbed my attention.

January is a really popular time for self analysis and reflection for what we are all able to improve on both professionally and personally. I’ve taken time over the christmas period to think about where I want my career to go this year and what is important for me to develop in the coming year. Please note that this recommendations are all my own personal recommendations and I’m not paid to endorse any of these sites.


This is one of my “Go to sites” for finding relevant and interesting Project Managment content. This month, their articles on the Project Management basics and theory have really given me food for thought and made me really think about my own “talent triangle”. Projectmanagement.com is the online social arm of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and it’s a great way to access webinars to maintain your credential.

The Digital Project Manager

Another great repository for Project Management content. I really like the community being built on the Digital Project Manager and the videos being presented. Here’s a few of my favourite articles this month:

There’s some great articles being shared from the Harvard Business Review which I enjoy sharing on Twitter

I’m sharing this content and more on my Twitter feed. So, if you like this article, please feel free to follow me on Twitter to see the daily insights and updates.

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