What’s in your jargon jar?

A recent blog/ tweet from @Buffer commented on the subject of their teams: Jargon Jar and it got me thinking about how much jargon I use and see on a daily basis. In project meetings, we’ve called this: Bulls**t Bingo and I know that I’ve used this jargon more than once!

Example of bullsh*t Bingo

What’s the danger in jargon?

Jargon is fine as long as everyone understands what is meant by the jargon being used. Issues develop when there is uncertainty or unclarity. Have you been in a situation where someone has used jargon where you don’t understand what they mean? What confusion has this caused? Looking longer term in a project, miscommunication can be a real difficulty.

Not speaking clearly or using other words may give others the wrong information or indication of what the current status is. When does “being on my radar” and knowing that you take accountability for an action stop being the same? Who says: “Let’s double click” on this when they could easily say: “We need to go into greater detail”.

I’d encourage you to think about the wording that you use, especially if you’re working with teams whos native language is not English to avoid any mistranslation that may occur.

What jargon do you love or hate?

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