Tips for Women to Thrive in a STEM environment

I’ve recently published an article on CIDM with tips for women to thrive in a STEM environment. This is a topic that I have been directly affected by and it’s something that I am passionate about. The origins of this article started several months ago when I was talking to some female colleagues and friends about how they “step ahead” in a male dominated industry and the outcome of this was this article.

The isolation felt by female counterparts in STEM can have a lot of consequences for your total career as your ability to network, collaborate and work effectively is restricted. My main motivation for the article stems from a desire to show other women how to understand their self-worth and their full list of talents which is critical for career success. This is not simply about technical skills or abilities, it’s about understanding the full range of soft skills that you bring to the table: negotiation, problem-solving, communication etc.

Since the article has been published, there has been a lot of discussion and feedback from distinguished female leaders in STEM about the article and it’s output, including why this article was necessary in the first place and I’ve really enjoyed having an open discussion with my peers on this subject.

I’d love to hear what you think on the subject and if you’ve got input that you’d like to add and finally, I’d like to thank Erica, Josie and Abi for taking the time to talk to me on their experiences and feedback.


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