Summary: PMI Webinar: How to be a chameleon in your projects

On Wednesday 29th May, I had the honour of presenting another webinar on This presentation was about: How to be a chameleon in your projects and how to adapt your management style to the different situations that you’re in. One thing that I enjoy about presenting on is just how versatile the audience is. I had attendees from so many different countries that it really made the topic so relevant!

2019-06-03 20_52_52-Emily Luijbregts (@Em_The_PM) _ Twitter

It was really great to see such a participation with the audience and see how willing they were to contribute their knowledge and insights to the community. During the presentation, we went through why it is important to change your management style towards the different people that you’re working with.

I am currently working on answering all of the questions raised during the webinar itself so that I can publish a whitepaper on but here are some key highlights that I’d like to share with you:

  • The importance of recognising the unique talents within your team and organisation and how this could be different than you.
  • The small things that you can do to build your team: Have lunch with them, share in their personal triumphs, learn more about them on a personal level, follow their local political news
  • The definition of 100% honesty and how that may differ from culture to culture
  • Asking the important question: how long does it take you to effectively ‘read’ a person? or know what they’re about?
  • What can you do to increase your confidence in yourself to manage successful team meetings with aggressive/dominant team members.

Being a chameleon involved not only looking at the ways that you can identify your stakeholders but also looking at assessing your organisation to understand what is beneficial/ might work successfully within your specific example. I rounded the webinar off with some practical tips and hints for how to become a true chameleon and we covered topics such as: Doing your research as a Project Manager to effectively understand your project, stakeholders and organisation or Leading by example to show what is appropriate behaviour and conduct within a project and most importantly; how to do effective expectation management within your projects so that you can get the most from your team.

Do you want to view the webinar? You can! It’s available on replay here

I’d love to hear what you have to say and what you thought of the webinar.

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