Culture Club – working with other cultures

I’ve recently presented a webinar on called: Culture Club. Succeeding in a Diverse Workplace. I devoted time to understanding how to work with other cultures, what the common pitfalls could be but also what you can do to work with cultures other than your own.

A few months ago, I ran a poll on to ask the users what cultures they worked with most commonly over the last 12 months and it was great to see such a broad interaction from the group but also indicating just how many cultures they work with on a daily basis. Some examples include: “In my team at the moment, we’re in a global launch so I’m working with someone from every continent in the world!”

2019-02-06 20_15_09-PM.com_cultureClub - PowerPoint

During the webinar itself, there was a lot of great interaction from the audience and it started some great dialogue between what works and also answering questions around the content and what I was telling on the screen.

During the webinar, we went through three different cultures (India, USA and Middle East) and went through the key focus points and then ideas and tips for how to work with that culture. This started a really great discussions and questions around what is important to work with someone from this culture and why it’s important to understand the key subtle differences that exist between our cultures.

2019-02-06 20_15_25-PM.com_cultureClub - PowerPoint

During the Q&A session, I went through a few questions but could not get to some of the questions in time so I’ll be working with the team at to get all of the questions answered and published soon.

Since the webinar has been released to the “on demand” audience, I’ve had some great feedback and responses from the wider audience. Examples being:

“I found this very interesting and probably my favorite session to date. ” – Tiffany

“Thank you, nice presentation with some very interesting perspective and thoughts and useful insights on culture and what to keep in mind. ” – Anuj

“Great presentation! I enjoyed the personal anecdotes as well as your practical tips on how to learn about people as individuals as well as the culture they come from. ” – Kathryn

If you have watched it, I’d love to know what you think and if you’ve got any feedback!



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