Summary: Passion for Projects – Gothenburg. March 2018

I’ve recently come back from Gothenburg and speaking at the ‘Passion for Projects’ conference. I presented the topic: ‘The questions you should be asking your team’ and it was great to get some feedback from the attendees about what questions they will ask and how they’ll change their questions moving forward.

Passion for Projects‘ is Scandinavia‚Äôs largest Project Management conference and brings some of the most passionate minds together to discuss and share knowledge. This year’s conference focused on organisational agility.

The conference itself was held in a great location in central Gothenburg and the set up was perfect for the size of the conference with great spacious rooms and excellent organisation.


One thing that really impressed me with this conference was the response and questions from the attendees. The quality and detailed nature of the questions really made me appreciate the knowledge and expertise in the room.

The presentation focused not only on the ‘Questions that you should ask your team’ but also about how you can change your behaviour as a Project Manager to better serve your team and foster a good team spirit. I go through a few questions that can be adjusted from our ‘current way of asking’ to a newer slightly different way to encourage a more open dialogue but also to look at how our questions can be interpreted by different cultures.

This presentation is one of my favourites to present as I really love seeing the reactions as people start to understand what small changes it can be and why it’s important. One attendee came up to me afterwards and told me that they really appreciated me telling the ‘human side’ of Project Management and why we need to look at that in our projects and not just our baselines.

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