My week at #PMIcon17 and PMI LIM

I’ve just got back from a really productive week at PMI LIM and Global Conference in Chicago. It was a really enjoyable experience and one where I’ve learnt so much!

Here’s a summary of my time at the PMI Global Conference:

So what did I do?


During the LIM I met with my colleagues on the CCAG┬áto review the work that we’ve been doing virtually over the last few months and make our proposals a little more concrete ahead of their submission later this year. It’s always a great experience and time with my colleagues and we’ve got a fantastic working relationship.


Global Conference:

I was asked by to come and be part of their team for the “ask the experts” booth in the exhibition hall. The goal was to speak and engage with as many people as possible over the three days of the conference and answer their questions/ support them with their queries. It was an absolutely fantastic three days and although I was exhausted at the end of it, it was such a rewarding challenge to be a part of and to see how my other expert counterparts work. PMI’s global conference brings around 3000 Project Management Professionals together for three days of networking, seminars, and presentations. Whilst in this environment, you get the fantastic opportunity to meet your peers and also gain knowledge and advice from project management mentors. I managed to attend a few seminars when I had ‘free’ time from the Ask the Expert booth and I was amazed at not only the turnout but the high-quality presentations from the speakers.

You can read a detailed breakdown of the days via the links above and what happened. I was really honoured to speak to so many PMPs who gave me the opportunity to speak with them and advise them on their problems or their issues that they were having. It made me realise that the PM world is incredibly small and although we are all individuals, we tend to all have similar issues.

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